Asta Meldal Lynge, Untitled, 2014, Offset Lithograph Print 420 x 594mm, Edition of 50

The edition for Studio Operative takes Site Seeing (2014), another work of hers, as its point of departure. In this video every frame is manually re-scaled and re-positioned following the outline of the scenery of Times Square so to present a direct correlation between the represented space of the image and its position on screen.

The still selected for the edition exhibits the mechanics of the digital SLR camera's capturing process through experimentation with the movement of the camera. Unlike older film cameras that in effect take 25 instant photographs every second, the digital SLR camera continuously scans what is in front of it from top left to bottom right. When importing the footage, software 'artificially' divides the data into frames/second, meaning that a single video frame contains multiple points in time.

Asta Meldal Lynge (b. 1988, Copenhagen) lives and works in London where she is currently part of the CSM Associate Studio programme. Taking the form of collage, installation and video, her work considers the concept of images and their relationship with architecture and the built environment. Through this she experiments with gesture and movement (of the camera, evident in a mark or in the tear of paper) to seek out effects defining the leap from form and colour to image and meaning.

Her work has been featured in various festivals and exhibitions internationally including PAMI - Peckham Artist Moving Image festival (GB), CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (DK), 55 Sydenham Rd Gallery (AUS), Luce Gallery (IT), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK) and FLAMIN Selected touring programme (GB).