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by Chris Harnan

a visual diary that covers a period of 2 years. any re—solution is illusive. the re—remembered events have been re—interpreted and re—vised countless times, as the book chases truth and simplicity in a deep pile of re—fuse. for a while, the book was whatever the book needed to be, and it helped a lot.

5 stars on goodreads


by Michael Crowe

Giddy murder, Fassbinder lookalike contests and amber lights twinkling in the far distance all dance together as Michael Crowe attempts to exhaust one location in the world's most popular video game.

review by Denise Bonetti (Spam zine)
one of White Reviews Books of the Year (picked by Sam Riviere)
the 4th most intriguing book read by Christian Bok in 2017

T-SHIRTS by Chris Harnan & Florence Shaw

Limner #4

a critical journal of illustration. Gesture, featuring: Michael Crowe, Miriam Elgon, Rosie Eveleigh, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Faye Coral Johnson, Bruce Mclean, Wai Wai Pang, Mike Redmond, Nancy Ann Roth, Florence Shaw, Caz Slattery, Margaux Soland, Tommaso Speretta, Tadashi Ueda & Peter Willis


by Asta Meldal Lynge

A visual essay with text by Eleanor Ivory Weber looking at the relationship between housing, capital and image-production. Semi-fictional aphorisms play out in a landscape of piledrivers, cement and skyrocketing homes as an attempt to grasp the intensifying and terrifying tendency of image-building. These newbuilds present themselves as aspiring icons or landmarks steadily floor by floor cladding the city in its marketed self-image.

previously on show at Vermillion Sands


by Florence Shaw

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by Samara Scott

An interpretation of an exhibition and a new work in itself, Drunk Complexions takes its title from an entirely liquid construction assembled in a metal baking tray. The floating spray paint diffused on the water surface is reflected by the diffused silver ink on the page surface. In this printed layer an additional synthetic substance intermingles with those that the images depict. A deletion fluid applied, by Scott, with a variety of materials directly onto lithographic printing plates produces an iridescent metallic film that pools and swarms across the pages, submerging the images.

best of Future Artefacts - i.D


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Studio Operative are a part-time visual arts publisher based in London, UK.

We publish Limner, a bi-annual critical journal of illustration, amongst other projects.

Studio Operative is Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis.

Limner is edited by Alice Lindsay and Peter Willis, with contributing editors Miriam Elgon, Sinead Evans, Rosie Eveleigh and Florence Shaw.

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